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AZ Big Media 7.12.22

AZ Big Media 7.12.22

Alexis Krisay & Melissa DiGianfilippo

OHM Fitness, the nation’s first fitness franchise to use EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology wirelessly and in a small group setting, announced that two seasoned entrepreneurs and marketing executives have purchased the area developer rights to Arizona and are actively selling franchise licenses to open up to 35 locations across the state over the next three years.

Alexis Krisay and Melissa DiGianfilippo, founders of Serendipit Consulting, one of the Valley’s top marketing and PR agencies, will now serve as OHM Fitness Arizona Area Developers and plan to open at least three locations themselves. Serendipit was contracted in 2021 as the agency of record for OHM Fitness due to the agency’s proven track record in the franchising space. Serendipit is well-known for supporting franchises like Orangetheory Fitness, Modern Acupuncture and Perspire Sauna Studios to name a few. 

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Read the full press release here.

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