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OHM Fitness members fist bump after completing EMS training

Jan 17, 2024

Find Your Edge with OHM Fitness

Discover your edge with OHM Fitness! Small group workouts using EMS technology with the wireless OHM EMPower Suit. Supercharge your fitness journey, target specific areas, and achieve faster results.
OHM Fitness members doing EMS workout

Jan 16, 2024

The OHM Fitness Experience

Discover the immersive OHM Fitness Experience – a revolutionary small group training with electrode pads. Activate neglected muscles with electro stimulation. Witness the dynamic workout journey with changing lights and music intensity.
EMS workout with OHM at Home wearable fitness technology

Jan 16, 2024

The Suit Is Your Gym

Experience fitness innovation with the OHM EMPower suit – a wireless wearable by OHM Fitness. Target 90% of major muscles with EMS technology, supercharge workouts for faster results. Transform your body with this hi-tech marvel. Watch our vlog for insights.

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