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Our Tech Promise

At OHM Fitness, our technology is ever-evolving to bring you the future of fitness today and tomorrow. Just one workout in the emPower EMS Suit demonstrates how revolutionary this wearable technology is and how we’re leveraging it to deliver an unmatched experience and results.

How does technology help my workout?

OHM Fitness member doing EMS training outdoors wearing emPower EMS suit

Increased Muscle Strength

Electro-muscle stimulation helps increase strength by stimulating the muscles to contract more intensely than they would during traditional training and voluntary contractions. It helps to increase muscle activation, target muscle stimulation, overcome muscle fatigue, enhance muscle recovery, and improve muscle coordination, all leading to greater strength gains over time. 

OHM Fitness member doing EMS training outdoors wearing EMS suit

Improved Muscle Endurance

Electro-muscle stimulation helps improve muscle endurance by—you guessed it—stimulating muscle contractions and improving fiber recruitment. This allows the muscles to work harder for more extended periods of time. It also improves blood flow and oxygen delivery and enhances muscle recovery, which is linked to improvements in stamina and endurance. 

The Workouts
OHM Fitness member doing EMS training outdoor wearing emPower EMS suit

Improved Circulation

Electro-muscle stimulation helps improve circulation by causing rhythmic muscle contractions that help stimulate blood flow throughout the body. This helps reduce the risk of injury by delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Additionally, EMS training improves lymphatic drainage, removing toxins from the body and aiding circulation, as well as reducing inflammation, which improves circulation, all while promoting overall health. 

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OHM Fitness member doing EMS training outdoor wearing EMS suit

Enhanced Muscle Definition

Electro-muscle stimulation helps to enhance muscle definition by offering contractions that are more intense than voluntary contractions and are more precise than traditional exercise, leading to greater definition and separation between muscle groups. Because EMS training allows you to target specific groups, like abs, glutes, biceps, and so on, it enables the isolation of those muscles, which improves definition over time. 


You're In Control

Your fitness future is in your hands. Your coach and you can determine your pace and what to target with each workout.

EMS device being prepared for EMS workout

Your goals are our goals. Once you step through our doors, you can expect to be emPowered by the suit and by us, your biggest cheerleaders.

The OHM Fitness Difference

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