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Our Goal: Redefine the Workout Experience

In pursuit of achieving a maximum workout in minimum time, we created OHM Fitness to redefine the experience and results previously provided by workouts. Through the latest in wearable fitness technology, our focus is energized programs in the studio and at home. OHM Fitness will help you connect to your future, 3x your workout, and provide you with fitness you can feel, and results you can see.

OHM Fitness member enjoying red light therapy

The human body is designed to function well with an abundance of natural sunlight, but with our modern lifestyles, most of us don’t get nearly enough.

Bask in the post-workout recovery benefits of OHM Red Light Therapy.

OHM Fitness members discussing EMS workout wearing emPower EMS Suits

A Community of Wellness

OHM Fitness is more than a workout studio; it's a community dedicated to helping you reach your best self. The friendly coaches and Front Desk Concierges are committed to ensuring that each session is enjoyable, effective, and aligned with your unique needs and goals.

The environment is one where you can grow, learn, and thrive, all while having fun and making friends. It's a place where health isn't a chore but a celebration of what you can achieve.

Welcoming to all whether you are in the studio or working out at home.

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